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Discovering a healthier, happier you.

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Which service is right for you?



Feel overwhelmed?

I hear you. ‘One on One’ is for you.


Worried about
your child's self esteem?

Find lots of tips in ‘Group Workshops’.


Need to find
that spark again?

‘Couples Coaching’ will do the trick.


Is Life Coaching for you?

Not everyone knows what a Life Coach is or how it can benefit their day to day lives.
Ask yourself these ten questions…

  1. Do you overthink?

  2. Do you want to improve your health?

  3. Do you feel overwhelmed or stressed?

  4. Are you unhappy? – in your relationship, career or within yourself?

  5. Are you happy? Perfect! Then it’s time for growth and setting goals.

  6. Having trouble following through with goals? For most people achieving goals on their own is hard.

  7. Is clutter taking over your desk, kitchen or bedroom?

  8. Do you love chocolate more then veggies? How do you fuel your body.

  9. Do you get easily side tracked?

  10. Do you have a plan? A clear vision for tomorrow, next week, next year or even 10 years from now? Yes, that far away.

If lots or even any of these questions got you thinking, you might just need some guidance and motivation to point you in the right direction.

ONE ON ONE coaching can really dive deep into getting you where you want to be. My WORKSHOPS are also brilliant boosters full of actionable advice so keep your ears peeled for the next one. I can even help with COUPLES coaching if you and your partner need support to find your way again.

I can’t wait to meet you, and help create a healthier, happier you.

Peta xo ⠀


the meaning behind the

White Tiger

So why the tiger? The white tiger is an iconic symbol for many people and cultures and it also holds a special place in my own heart. It symbolises personal strength, willpower, courage and represents health, vitality and an appetite for life. The white tiger can be associated with the delicate balance of light and shadow that exists within all of us - it emphasises the need for us to understand ourselves. This is the core belief of White Tiger Wellness. It is a symbol that presented itself during times in my life, when I needed inner strength the most and for this reason I want to share it with you.

Would you like to hear about…

⠀My story...